Our design styles seek to encapsulate the traditional Malay costumes like the Baju Kurung and Baju Kebaya with modernity, elegance and eclectic cultural borrowings.

We take special interest in maintaining comfort and quality of every merchandise, exercised from standards in-place in careful fabric selections mainly from Japan and Korea.

Baju Kurung

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A staple tradition that embodifies the Malay culture for generations, the Baju Kurung is worn during ceremonies, festive occasions and weddings. The SY baju kurung is stunningly presented with its signature ‘mandarin-collars’ and accents like the crystal multi-coloured buttons. SY baju kurung have unique pattern designs that are classy and modern.

Baju Kebaya

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Another popular Malay costume is the baju kebaya. Our love for them is echoed by women of the past and present who dorn them with pride, elegance and beauty. With its canvas interior and intricate stitches, the SY Modern Kebaya requires perfection and proportion in craftmanship.

SY Designers and tailors take special care in creating these wears with detail and quality tailoring; the ingredients towards a stunning and fashionable baju kebaya.