What started as a passion for traditional costumes design, SY Boutique blossomed into a fashion house filled with a sense of unrooted time and culture-scape.

Fueled by the owners’ love for fashion design and the pride of their Singaporean diverse heritage they began experimenting with unique clothing designs that embodies Malay traditional patterns with borrowed Oriental elements. The ‘fusion’ became a hit during the festive periods like Hari Raya.

Ever since, SY Boutique has built a legion of loyal patrons from the region and has continued in expanding their fashion collections. Common traditional costimes like the the baju kurung, baju kebaya and cheongsam have gone through an entirely fresh approach in design and intricracy.

The owners work hard towards their vision and promise to patrons; to always keep true to their design uniqueness in the hopes of inspiring a generation through fashion modernity and elegance.